Do Ayurvedic medicines give instant results or are these for long term results?

Ayurveda is a combination of two Sanskrit words – ‘Ayur’ which means ‘life’ and ‘Veda’ which implies ‘science or knowledge’. It translates to ‘knowledge of life’. Ayurveda is not a magical pill but Ayurveda is a time-tested long term health solution. Modern health products in some cases work faster but may leave side effects and they may contain chemical ingredients that may harm your body over time. However, Ayurvedic natural health products will heal your body without side effects and will improve your immune system so that you stay healthy for a longer time. Ayurveda is the oldest form of medicine and it has helped millions of people in creating healthier and better lives.

The basic principle of Ayurvedic medicine is to prevent and treat illness rather than respond to disease by maintaining a balance between your body, mind and environment. Ayurvedic medicines will take its time to hand over the cure, but that is because it is working with you and the rest of your body. Ayurvedic remedies used are quite simple and the ingredients can be found in almost any household. Ayurvedic herbs are a key component of Ayurveda and practitioners generally use ayurvedic herbs to cleanse the body, boost defence against diseases, and keep the mind, body, and spirit in balance. Ayurvedic herbs are rarely used on their own. Instead, they are used as part of a holistic approach to health which may involve nutrition, yoga, massage, aromatherapy and meditation. Along with Ayurvedic herbs, practitioners frequently use therapeutic oils and spices to treat illness and promote well-being.

The effects of Ayurvedic medicines cannot be seen unless they are consumed in the right dosage, at the right time and for the entire duration. It is also essential to ensure that a balanced diet is followed and lifestyle changes are made to follow healthy living. Studies have shown that Ayurvedic treatments like Shirodhara, Abhyanga and Padabhyanga followed by Rasayan and Vajikarana treatments help to reduce depression and anxiety.

As compared to the modern Allopathic science which dates back not more than 300 years, Ayurveda is considered as the mother of all health/ healing sciences and if you delve into the history, you will come to know how the birth of Allopathic and other health sciences have emerged from Ayurveda and it’s basic principles. Ayurveda is also a balance between science and philosophy, that informs you about the techniques to create equilibrium in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components, which are necessary for complete holistic health.

Ayurveda is based on the belief that the delicate balance of mind, body and spirit determines health and wellness of the body. The goal of Ayurveda is prevention as well as promotion of the body’s own capacity for maintenance and balance. Ayurvedic medicines are non-invasive and non-toxic in nature and therefore are free from any side effects.

Treatment in Ayurveda is a healing process which aims at getting rid of the disease, preventing its future occurrence and ensuring overall well-being. The treatment attacks the root cause of the problem as its objective is not just restoring health but also to create balance in the body. It is achieved by balancing the doshas which in turn eliminates toxins and strengthens the digestive system thereby opening up channels and rejuvenating the tissues.

Ayurveda treatments can have positive effects when they are used as a complementary therapy in combination with standard, conventional medical care. Complementary health approaches include natural ingredients such as herbs, vitamin, minerals, and probiotics. They are marketed widely and are readily available to consumers in the form of dietary supplements.

The best part – No side effects
Modern forms of health products make use of those things that might harm your body. However, Ayurvedic natural health products make use of all those things which will prove gentle on your body. They will never create any health issues like gastrointestinal issues, drowsiness or dizziness. Ayurveda is the oldest form of medicine and it has helped millions of people in creating healthier and better lives.

Long term use and benefits.
Another amazing benefit of using natural Ayurvedic health products is that you can use them for a long time as they won’t harm you and would help you in sustaining a long and healthy life.

The miracles and benefits of Ayurvedic health products are not restricted to just these listed above. Instead, Ayurvedic health products have a lot more to offer. You only need to begin adopting its ways, and you will notice the positivity that they bring to your healthy life ahead. Numerous ayurvedic brands offer products for Immunity build up and most of them are available online. Nature potion has a wonderful collection of Mother Care Products, baby care products and Ayurvedic hair care products. Nature potion is your platform for 100% natural and 100% ayurvedic products that are verified and curated by Ayurveda experts.

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