40 Safe Sites For Free Software Download

When you need to download application but don’t prefer to pay for that, there are plenty of sites that let you do just that. Sadly, many of those downloads are not secure or come with extras you do not want on your desktop like pop-up ads or spyware. We’ve compiled 30 of the most effective, safest sites for best free antivirus for Windows 11 free computer software download.


This site has a basic user interface and offers a very good selection of software program for Home windows, MAC, or Linux. This consists of everything from office-related apps to gaming and much more. They likewise have an excellent daily freeware picks section, thus be sure to give it a look!


This software download site is a great choice with regards to Windows users. They update all their listings daily and feature various categories, including games, program utilities, and office-related applications. You can also find a few great tools for home or business use, including free PDF readers and password managers.


This can be another well-known site which has a wide selection of applications for a number of operating systems. You can even find a couple of useful browser add-ons here. You are able to filter by the type of program you are looking for or perhaps browse through the major 100 and fresh releases portions to find the things you need quickly.


While this site looks like a torrent webpage, it basically has truckloads of different computer software to choose from. The web page has been around for 12-15 years and features a significant selection of free-ware, shareware, and trial computer software. Its owners test every piece of software and scan that multiple times to make certain you will not get any kind of viruses that may corrupt your pc or perhaps steal the identity.